Thursday, June 15, 2023

Boss of Mongrel Mob Barbarians Steven Taiatini killed - update

Cops have revealed that Steven Taiatini was run down by a truck. The incident happened during a conflict between Mongrel Mob Barbarians and Black Power in Ōpōtiki. The table is set for gang conflict as revenge will be at the top of the Mongrel Mob agenda. There have been retribution attacks, including the arson of a family home linked to Black Power. The gangs have been in an open warfare state for weeks.
Days after schools closed in Ōpōtiki, members of the Mongrel Mob Barbarians have gathered at Hillcrest Cemetery to farewell their fallen leader. Steven Rota Taiatini, 45, was murdered last week. Cops found a burnt-out vehicle connected to the murder.
There were shots fired at a car in Whakatāne at the funeral. Hundreds of gang members from the Mongrel Mob descended for the send off. NZ cops said they would remain visible in Ōpōtiki as they "continue to capture unlawful behaviour" after the tangi for Taiatini.

Cops obtained a search warrant under the Criminal Activity Intervention Legislation Act 2023, which allows them to search vehicles of suspected gangsters and seize their weapons during "times of conflict."
Steven Rota Taiatini, 45, was killed in Ōpōtiki. Barbarians are a chapter of the Mongrel Mob. NZ cops were on high alert due to the large gang presence that  appeared in the area after Taiatini’s death.