Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Punjab cop operation ‘Cage the Queen Bee’ - sunk by Frooti

Daaku Haseena whose real name is Mandeep Kaur, and her husband Jaswinder Singh were arrested at Hemkund Sahib in Uttarakhand's Chamoli. When cops learned of their travel plans to Hemkunt Sahib, they laid a trap for them and started distributing Frooti to the pilgrims. When Kaur and her husband were offered the drink, they uncovered their faces, leading to their identification and arrest. Cops recovered Rs 21 lakh of the couple's loot. The 10 Rupee Frooti ($0.20) is a mango flavoured drink popular in India. It is made with natural flavours and mango concentrate.

Among the busted is Manjinder Singh Mani, an employee of CMS Info Systems Ltd for four years. The arrest took place in Uttarakhand, where the couple had been hiding.
Punjab cops lassoed Mandeep Kaur, 'Mona', and her husband Jaswinder Singh. Punjab’s biggest heist, their daring robbery occurred in the office of CMS Info Systems Ltd, a cash management firm based in Ludhiana. It was led by Queen Bee Mandeep Kaur. Thieves landed $1m.