Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Romanian shoplifting ring busted in Montreal - Romanian mafia

Laurentiu Baicu, 37, Tiberius Léonard Miron, 40, and Claudia Macu.
Laval cops say the Romanians were staying in Canada after applying for asylum. They would stay for a few months stealing as much as possible, before leaving the country. Laurentiu Baicu, aged 37, remains in custody following his arrest. Tiberius Léonard Miron, 40, was released with conditions, as were Claudia Macu, Vijai Alexe and Ionel Nituwere. Valter Ionut Alexe, aged 29, and Timotei Ion, aged 27, are still wanted by cops.

Valter Ionut Alexe, 29, and Timotei Ion, 27.
Crooks targeted chains of computer equipment stores, clothing and sports equipment, as well as luxury clothing. More than $70,000 in stolen loot was recovered. Goods were sent to Romania for resale. The Romanian mafia is known worldwide for ATM-skimmings as well as pimping and drug trafficking. Gangs are organized horizontally, with the leader of a group being called 'Nașu' which means "Godfather" in Romanian.
Vijai Alexe and Ionel Nitu.
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