Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Traffic stop in Innisfail leads to brutality - lawyer Laura Phypers fingered, plays indian card

A traffic stop in Innisfail for a minor infraction turned into a brawl between cops and two drunk women. Added to the mix are allegations of heinous brutality. A cop saw a truck blow through a stop sign. Laura Phypers, a Red Deer lawyer, was passenger. She faces charges of assaulting police, obstructing cops and uttering threats. Phypers played her native card instantly; "Laura Phypers, a prominent indigenous defence lawyer, was the passenger in a motor vehicle driven by her friend, Ms. Desiree Friesen, who is also indigenous," her statement begins.
Desiree Friesen, 24, is charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle, assault, resisting arrest, and failure to blow.