Saturday, June 17, 2023

Water crisis in Gurugram, ‘mafia’ making a killing

Gurugram is a city of 1.1m southwest of New Delhi in India. With temperatures soaring, a water crisis has gripped Gurugram again. Battling low pressure, ancient infrastructure and decreased supply, much of the city is now dependent on mafia water tankers, which are costing a fortune. Water costs between Rs 1,500 and Rs 5,000 per tanker in some areas. ($20 to $65) The water mafia has graduated from illegal borewells to breaching water supply lines. 20 sites at 39 locations have damaged pipelines, leading to water shortages. "The water mafia is having its own way and are overcharging us and refusing to supply till we pay. How will we pay?"
Private tanker operators run their business from farmlands, where illegal borewells suck groundwater dry. Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) said there is a supply shortage of about 70 million litres per day.
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