Friday, July 14, 2023

Indian clearcutting fingered - Kerry Lake clear cut - Harley Chingee

Treaty settlement lands that had been turned over to the McLeod Lake Indian Band have been turned into a clearcut wasteland. In just three years, much of the McLeod Lake Indian Band’s treaty lands were stripped bare of their trees in a flurry of logging that included one clearcut over 3,000 hectares in size.
The Kerry Lake clear cut is a global disgrace.
Harley Chingee, chief, might know where the people's trees went, or where the money they brought ended up. In the decade ending in 2021, nearly 1.9 million cubic metres of trees were cut down on the band’s treaty settlement lands, with 85% of the trees falling in the three years ending in 2020.
There are 535 in the McLeod Lake Indian Band, most of which don't live in McLeod Lake.