Sunday, July 30, 2023

Michael 'The Nose' Mancuso headed back to slammer - sunk by gravy

Acting Bonanno mob boss Michael Mancuso is headed back to the slammer for 11 months — thanks partly to a chat with a wiseguy about making pasta gravy. Mancuso, 68, was released in 2019 after serving a decade in prison for a murder plot. He had been using his girlfriend’s Long Island eyeglass shop as a meet-up spot to gossip with mobsters, prosecutors said. That was verbotten. “Are you gonna do the gravy today or make the sauce?” Mancuso asked Colombo soldier Michael Urvino on an Oct. 24, 2020, wiretapped call. Urvino responded, “No, I’m making it in the morning … cause we’re not gonna eat early. What time you want to eat tomorrow?”
Michael Urvino