Saturday, July 8, 2023

NZ Black power gangster and enforcer scuttles parole

Whanganui Black Power sergeant at arms Gordon Anthony Runga appeared set for release after being sentenced to seven years for being part of a Black Power gang that gunned down Kevin Ratana, a father of two, in 2018. Runga told the board he had spoken to the chapter’s president about “his need to step down from the gang to focus on his whānau. (Whānau is the Māori word for extended family) and was told he could leave without fear of anyone coming after him." That was revealed as bullshit as after he was moved into minimum security he tried to bolt by scaling a fence. In June four months were tacked on to Runga’ sentence after he pleaded guilty. He's back in maximum security and a 'role model' according to his fans.