Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Martin Madrigal Cazares - Mexican Mafia killed in Mexico

Martin Madrigal Cazares, 53, a fugitive Mexican Mafia member who controlled gangs in Ventura County from a base in Mexico, was gunned down in Baja California. Raised on the east side of Oxnard, Madrigal came up in the Colonia Chiques gang before being inducted into the Mexican Mafia in the early 2000s. Madrigal was locked in a power struggle with Mexican Mafia member, Michael 'Mike Boo' Moreno, who was contesting Madrigal’s hold over Ventura and his collections rackets in prisons in California and Mississippi.
Michael 'Mike Boo' Moreno was sentenced to 11 years in prison for conspiring with the cartel La Familia Michoacán to distribute Meth.
Known as carnales, or soul-brothers, there are but a handful of eMe. Inside some federal and state prisons, they wield great influence over other gangsters. The eMe got its start in California, where, inside the state prison system, they created a confederation of Latino gangs. At least a half-dozen Mexican Mafia members from California are now operating in Baja California. Madrigal is not the first to be killed.
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