Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Bill Omar Carrasquillo busted - cars auctioned

The man better known as 'Omi in a Hellcat' was sentenced to prison in March for his "wide-ranging copyright infringement scheme." The car collection that starred in the YouTube channel is up for auction through U.S. Marshals. The list includes 32 cars and a few dozen bikes. The headliner is a Lamborghini Aventador, wrapped in a Power Rangers livery. The collection also includes two Lamborghini Huracans, a modern Acura NSX, an Audi R8 V-10, a 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS, and, of course, five separate variants of the Hellcat.
Internet followers of Bill Omar Carrasquillo or 'Omi in a Hellcat' recall a decadent lifestyle. Carrasquillo shopped for bling, toured his impressive mansion and drove his expensive cars for fans.
Carrasquillo was busted for running one of the most 'brazen and successful' TV piracy schemes ever prosecuted by US federal officials.
Carrasquillo and two associates stole copyrighted material from cable companies and redistributed it through a streaming service Carrasquillo set up and charged customers to use. From March 2016 until November 2019, Carraquillo and his partners stole more than $30m. Its 66 months in prison and forfeiture of $30m in assets, including $6m in cash.