Friday, October 27, 2023

HA Andrew Lamositele-Brown claims Flatbush murder an accident - guilty

Former Melbourne HA bikie boss Andrew Lamositele-Brown, 40, has been found guilty of murder of Auckland prospect Petau Petau. He was expelled from Australia as a 501 deportee months before. Lamositele-Brown blamed a mystery man (who he refused to identify) who had given him a gun that was loaded.

It took jurors in the High Court at Auckland less than an hour to reject the biker's tale.
Lamositele-Brown, otherwise known as Andrew Tovia Fepuleai, began his jury trial in the High Court at Auckland 2 weeks ago. He claimed that he unintentionally triggered a handgun while showing it off to his good friend Petau Petau, freezing in shock as he collapsed in the following mayhem. The cop standoff lasted 7 hours.
Prosecutors told a starkly different scenario of a mad killer out of control.