Sunday, October 8, 2023

Prolific Montreal bank robber Mounir Abou Daye sniffed out by K9

Mounir Abou Daye in 2008. “Don’t press the alarm or I will shoot you guys,” Abou Daye was quoting as having said in his latest heist.
Abou Daye, 37, admits to 19 bank robberies and has already served two long prison terms for two different series of armed robberies since 2009. He won't be sentenced as a dangerous or long-term offender for his latest bank heist despite his criminal past. The first designation could result in a convict being sentenced to an indefinite prison term. The second opens the door to the Parole Board of Canada imposing surveillance conditions for up to a decade after their prison sentence expires. Some $8,600 was placed inside grocery bags and he was off, only to get bitten stupid by a cop K9 when getting busted.