Thursday, November 30, 2023

Goran Gogic appears in court for 22 tons of cocaine

Former heavyweight boxer Goran Gogic made a court appearance related to a drug trafficking operation that led to the seizure of more than $1 billion worth of cocaine. Gogic, 44, was brought into U.S. District Court in Brooklyn to hear his case was being pushed back to Dec. 20. A plea deal is possible. Gogic was charged by the U.S. with trafficking in 22 tons of cocaine worth over $1 billion, most of which was part of the largest cocaine seizure in American history. Gogic was arrested while trying to board a flight to Zurich from Miami. Charges stem from the seizures of 19,930 kg (22 tons) of cocaine from three commercial cargo ships, including 17,956 kilograms (19.8 tons) from the MSC Gayane while it was docked at Philadelphia's Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.
Traffickers transported cocaine to Europe from Colombia through American ports. They used cranes and nets at night to hoist drugs onto cargo ships from speedboats along the ships' routes. Gogic oversaw the logistics of the scheme, coordinating with crew members, Colombian smugglers and European ports to benefit Balkan cartels. Two other seizures netted 1,437 kilos from the MSC Carlotta at the Port of New York and New Jersey on Feb. 27, 2019, and 537 kilos from the MSC Desiree at the Port of Philadelphia on March 18, 2019. Gogic embarked on a new career as a narcotics trafficker after racking up a record of 24-4-2 as a pro boxer.
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Woman 'wants answers' after cops pluck wanted, gun waving convict son from home

He had multiple outstanding warrants. The ERT tactical unit arrived and did their job, arresting him.
Christine Allison is demanding compensation from taxpayers. She said her home is unliveable after cops broke windows, tore off the front door, distributed tear gas and damaged walls. RCMP were responding to reports of a man on drugs shooting a .22 rifle outside a home near Hedley and shut down Highway 3 as a result. Shane Allison, 30, barricaded himself inside the home.
If Christine Allison was a better parent, cops wouldn't need to bust down her door to lasso her grown man criminal offspring. Shane Allison was sentenced to two years in federal prison in 2017 after pleading guilty to an armed home invasion. He was busted for firing a shotgun at a car the same year. He was said to be 'extremely intoxicated". The Allisons are members of the Upper Similkameen Indian Band.

Red Scorpion gangster Jason Keehn goes away for 6 years

Project E-Precedent in November of 2017 targeted the Red Scorpion Gang, and the distribution and sale of drugs in Kelowna. It involved 15 search warrants executed on homes and an office building. Searches lead to the seizure of 5.5 kg of fentanyl and carfentanil, 3 kg of meth, 1.5 kg of cocaine, as well as GHB, ecstasy, and other pharmaceuticals. Firearms included Mac-10 sub-machine gun, 2 semi-automatic 9mm handguns, .45 and .38 caliber handguns, and many semi-automatic rifles. $130k cash was seized. 5 men faced charges; Travis Cumming, 28, Jason Keehn, 35, Jonathan Sierra 30, Nikolas Parisee, 27 and Benjamin Bridger 28. Jason Keehn didn't show up for his first appearance and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was caged thereafter.
Keehn faced the most charges – two counts of trafficking, four counts of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, five counts of incorrect storage of firearms and five counts of possessing firearms without a licence. His total sentence is six years in prison, minus 485 days enhanced credit for time served.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Willy Wonka's golden ticket

In 2017 Julian Underhill thought he had Willy Wonka's golden ticket when he found 356kg of cocaine at Caister-on-Sea near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Most of the drugs packed in backpacks were quickly recovered by cops after the public reported finding them. Underhill wasn't going to do something that stupid. He scooped up as much as he could carry.
He sent a message to one of his mates saying he had found 'Willy Wonka's golden ticket' and told them to keep it secret.
Word of the massive cocaine windfall leaked instantly to every crook within 100 miles.

The drugs were believed to have been tied up to buoys offshore by smugglers so they could be brought ashore by smaller boats. It's thought the bags ended up on the beach after being swept away by strong winds and currents. Underhill sold some cocaine and used some before cops came calling the next day. He wasn't considered a part of the importing scheme.

Raffaele 'Lelluccio' Imperiale - hands over UAE island

Imperiale bought the island, named Taiwan, while in hiding. Its value is estimated at €60m-€80m. It is part of an artificial archipelago off the coast of the United Arab Emirates called “The World”. Imperiale faces 15 years in jail and has been demonstrating his willingness to cooperate in the hope of receiving a reduced sentence.
Raffaele Imperiale, a member of the Neapolitan Camorra, is telling cops all he knows. Imperiale’s decision to rat took place in October. He has made statements against at least two, one of them being mob boss Daniel Kinahan, who has any number of investigations, including being the target of a DEA and US Treasury Department investigation for which there is a $5M reward. Imperiale attended Kinahan’s wedding at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai in 2017. He is one of the leaders of a ‘super cartel’.
Also turning rat is Bruno Carbone, 45, who was busted with Imperiale in Dubai.
Italian Justice Minister Marta Cartabia went to Dubai to request, for the third time, the extradition of Camorra drug trafficker Raffaele Imperiale, number two on Italy’s most wanted list. She was successful and Imperiale was flown to Rome. Imperiale was arrested last summer in Dubai at Italy’s request. In January, the United Arab Emirates rejected Italy’s second request for his extradition. Imperiale was wanted for years by Italian cops. He is a member of the Amato-Pagano clan and is one of the most powerful drug traffickers in the world. He is closely linked to Daniel Kinahan. The extradition application for the mobster stated that he was a member of a 'Super Cartel' along with Kinahan, Balkan mob boss Edin Gacanin and the caged Ridouan Taghi.
Top Camorra narco Raffaele Imperiale, 46, was arrested in Dubai on August 4 2022.
Imperiali has been on the run since 2016, living a hugely lavish life in the UAE. The DEA exposed a global drug cartel headed by Imperiale, Ridouan Taghi, Daniel Kinahan and Edin Gačanin. The group was observed by the DEA having meetings in the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, it's base of operations.
In 2016, two Van Gogh paintings stolen in 2002 from an Amsterdam museum were found stashed in a farmhouse on property owned by Imperiale near Naples.

Mother with broom chases armed goons

A video shows a woman chasing armed goons in Haryana’s Bhiwani with a broom. Shakuntala Devi, 50, of Dabar Colony chased four motorcycle borne shooters with a broomstick after they injured her youngest son Harikisan ‘Hariya’. “They were on motorcycles, so they managed to flee. I wanted to catch hold of them and thrash them with my broomstick. I wish they would come in front of me again.” Asked if facing the bullets ever fazed her, she said: “My son was in danger. Would any mother in my situation be worried about her own safety? Working alone in the fields, harvesting my own crops, and running a camel cart, I have always lived fearlessly.”

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tyrel Nguyen Quesnelle - Guilty

Tyrel Nguyen Quesnelle, 24, was found guilty of the first-degree murders of Randy Kang on Oct. 27, 2017 and Jagvir Mahli on Nov. 12, 2018. Nguyen was also convicted of the attempted murders of Kang’s brother Gary and Camilo Alonso. 'T-Sav' will serve at least 25 years in prison without parole. The gangster's own admissions sealed the deal. A cop rat testified that Nguyen gave him details of both murders, before he became a police agent in 2019. Those details were revealed in an Edmonton apartment where Quesnelle wrote of the crimes on a white board that was being secretly filmed.
Gary Kang was executed at his Surrey home.

Executed Harb Dhaliwal center, Tyrel Nguyen right.
A judge was shown videos recorded inside an Edmonton apartment by a cop rat as he asked Tyrel Nguyen about 2 murders. Brothers Keeper Nguyen was charged with the Oct 2017 killing of gangster Randy Kang and the Nov 2018 mistaken hit on student Jagvir Malhi. Nguyen was played like a plastic fiddle by cops and barring some act of God will be going away for his crimes.
Fancying himself a talent 'T-Sav' (Tyrel Nguyen Quesnelle) rapped about his awesomeness.

Oz HA president Luke Moloney quits club

Melbourne bikie boss and national president Luke Moloney, 42, has quit the club according to court documents. Moloney was elevated to national president in July 2021. The bikie is fighting multiple charges. He claimed recently his ADHD medication is why he tested positive to meth, scuttling his bail.

Moloney and two of his goons severely beat a former member trying to leave the club.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Nigerian politician Bonse nailed for crypto heist

The scandal has torpedoed Bonse's political career.
Nigerian politician Wilfred Bonse has been arrested for the theft and conversion of cryptocurrency wallets. Bonse assisted hackers in laundering 50 million naira. ($61,538) The Patricia Technologies case includes criminal conspiracy, the unauthorized alteration of computer systems and network data, and the illicit diversion of funds exceeding 200 million naira. ($246,153)
Patricia Technologies faced scrutiny after the hacking incident in May resulted in a loss of customer funds. Bonse benefited from a cyber fraud scheme executed by a group of hackers identified as The Syndicate. They intended to bankrupt Patricia Technologies.

Ji Xiaobo fingered as mafia kingpin by Chinese

Macau is the only place in China where casino gambling is legal.
Saipan based Imperial Pacific International (IPI) owner, Ji Xiaobo, was identified as a mafia kingpin by the Chinese court as his entourage were handed long prison sentences.
Ji entered the Macau gaming industry with a Chinese junket in 2011, opening his first VIP room. In two years business expanded to seven VIP rooms in most major casinos in Macau, offering 86 tables. IPI opened a casino under a temporary casino license in 2014. It operated 48 gaming tables and 141 slot machines. IPI Casino officially opened in July 2017, and the casino’s capacity increased to 77 tables and 243 machines. In its 2017 financial report, IPI reported a 75% increase in revenue to HK$13.2 billion ($1.7 billion), of which 96.7% came from the VIP segment.
All was not as it appeared. The operation was laundering huge sums of dirty money. IPI was investigated by the DoJ for money laundering in 2017. Hong Kong listed IPI shares were suspended from trading. The Chinese began investigating Ji Xiaobo in 2020. He hasn’t been seen in public for more than two years, and is allegedly hiding in Tokyo. Chinese authorities are said to be on the hunt for him.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Damiano Dipopolo's defamation lawsuit against Dennis Watson - revisited again

Dipopolo denied every fact.
This was sworn in May 2015 for a BCSC injunction to protect former HA Damiano Dipopolo from, according to lawyer Suzan El-Khatib "contempt, ridicule and hatred."

John Edward Newcome
He disputes Watson's claim that he reported 2 cars stolen. That was reported by the CBC, not Dennis Watson. HERE " police allege the president of the Kelowna Hells Angels chapter reported two vehicles as stolen, and the vehicles were later processed at the garage." In 2015 Dipopolo swore repeatedly that he knew nothing of a massive chop shop run by his underlings in Kelowna. He swore that suggesting otherwise was defamatory to his delicate character. In February 2014, John Edward Newcome pleaded guilty to 19 counts, 14 of them relating to stolen property. He had connections to Hells Angels chapters in Nanaimo and Calgary. Under Hells Angels supervision, his was the largest chop shop ever seen in the interior.Organized theft rings fall under the HA president. Dipopolo lied in his sworn statement.
Dennis WatsonDennis Watson has no criminal record. He holds a restricted firearms permit. Mr. Dipopolo takes great pride in saying he has never been convicted of a criminal offense. That may be so but he has been charged 8 times. One might call that lucky, or perhaps something else as ALL fall around him, over and over.
Click to openDipopolo's affidavit to support an injunction is an offense. History has been very unkind to Dipopolo's "I understand my obligation to give full truthful disclosure to the court to obtain the order." A machiavellian would be hugely amused and there is plenty. "I contribute to charity."
"In particular I am extremely concerned about the threats because of my family."

"Mr. Watson's allegations are incredibly defamatory to me and hurt my character."

The Hells Angels iron-clad 1% reputation for not crying to the fukkin cops is where? If Damiano Dipopolo was following club rules he wouldn't be advertising his laughable troubles in the high court.

My character!!!!

French Bulldog heist = $100k

Cops are on the hunt for perps who stole a dozen French bulldogs valued at $100k from a southern California pet store. One of the 12 dogs the men pilferred was a show dog named 'Roll X.' Gardena cops are investigating and posts of the hot dogs have been distributed across social media.

Hakan Ayik - Australia's top drug importer busted

Hakan Ayik was arrested in Turkey with 36 others 3 weeks ago. Ayik is known as the 'Facebook gangster' due to his love for self-promotion.
In August 2017 plans were made for dinner in Dubai for the two younger brothers of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim and three major players of Sydney's underworld. Australian cops had been waiting for more than two years and after dinner Dubai police's anti-narcotics unit swooped in, arresting five huge players in Australia's drug trade.

The Ibrahim brothers
The Dubai arrests, which also included Sydney underworld figures Steven Fawaz Elmir, Hakan Arif and Mustapha Dib, triggered raids by more than 500 cops at 30 properties across Sydney. The investigation, known as Operation Veyda, resulted in the seizure of 1.8 tonnes of MDMA, 136 kg of cocaine, 15 kg of meth and $5.5m in cash. The drugs, from the Netherlands, were meant to make their way into Australia via corrupt border officials.
Comanchero and drug lord Hakan Ayik fled to his native Istanbul. Oz press tracked Ayik down easily and found him owning the Kings Cross Hotel in Istanbul and living in high-end properties. He had changed his name to Hakan Reis and disguised his appearance with plastic surgery. He subsequently popped up in tapped calls with drug suppliers in Australia discussing overseas importation. Ayik founded a massive drug importation business by the age of 32 by forging alliances with the Chinese triads, Indian chemical suppliers and Comanchero bikers. He has been a fugitive since 2010.