Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Jean-Francois Généreux busted for fake $2 coins

CBSA found what looked like 12,000 $2 Canadian coins, all stamped 2012, inside plastic bags. The label declared it contained “metal badges”. Companies in China are pumping out fake Canadian $2 coins and selling them to buyers online. Similar in size and weight to a toonie, fakes are being found in greater numbers.

Fake toonie, left, with two-toed polar bear, beside genuine.
Jean-Francois Généreux, the buyer of the toonies, has been convicted multiple times for uttering fake documents and using or circulating counterfeit money, including twice in 2002, again in 2006, and in 2009. The prolific crook has arrests dating back 22 years. He has pleaded guilty to multiple charges involving fraud, theft, identity theft, and mail theft. Généreux's supplier was offering poor quality CAN$2 coins at low prices, in huge quantities on the Chinese online sales site Alibaba. Seizures of counterfeits have been increasing steadily according to cops.
26,630 fake $2 coins were seized. It was Généreux’s third package of “metal badges” from China in a month.