Thursday, November 16, 2023

Life sentence for Wo Shing Wo gangster Leung Kwok-chung

Leung Kwok-chung was found guilty of the murder of rival gangster Lee Tai-lung, who was killed in 2009. Leung, then a senior member of the Wo Shing Wo triad, masterminded the machete attack on Lee, of the rival Sun Yee On gang, at the Kowloon Shangri-La hotel. Lee was knocked down by a car and hacked to death by three men on the hotel’s doorstep. Leung carried a grudge against Lee over a 2006 brawl between the two groups at a bar. The fight left Leung with a scar down the right side of his face. After killing Lee Tai-lung, Leung Kwok-chung fled to Mainland China and then Thailand.