Thursday, November 2, 2023

Mohammad Riyadul Hoque - millionaire first nations dope dealer

Manitoba RCMP busted Mohammad Riyadul Hoque, 30, in October. He is charged with trafficking fentanyl and cocaine, money laundering and possession of proceeds of crime. An RCMP report says Hoque wagered and laundered millions in provincially operated casinos between August 2021 and December 2022. He gambled $3.5m at casinos in 2021 and cashed out nearly $4m. In 2022, he wagered $5.7m and cashed out $6.2m. This year, before getting busted, Hoque wagered $864,000 and cashed out about $439,000. A forfeiture suit seeks 3 properties Hoque bought with drug money.
Hoque specialized in dealing crack and fentanyl on first nations reserves. His money laundering got him busted for dealing drugs. Bank records reveal he received many money transfers from people in Red Sucker Lake First Nation, including more than $500k from three people in 2022-23.