Monday, November 6, 2023

Scottish gangster James White made £126m from crime

James White, 46, earned £126,241,001.29 heading a gang run by brothers James and Barry Gillespie. Prosecutors launched a proceeds of crime claim and found assets worth .001% of that amount to confiscate; £118,649.50. White was extradited from Brazil and jailed for almost 10 years in August, a bargain sentence. Cops say the Gillespie brothers were killed while on the run. White, who is fluent in Spanish, rose to operate on an "international scale" in countries including Italy, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Brazil.
James and Barry Gillespie were likely killed in Brazil.
The gang's reach was global with high purity cocaine sourced directly from cartels in Brazil. The High Court in Glasgow heard a narrative which featured the brutal torture of a man over an unpaid drug debt to White that led to the discovery of an arsenal of weapons.