Friday, April 10, 2020

Gold robbers escape in Mexico, again

A light plane, described as a "Cessna-206 type," landed, and within 10 minutes everyone was gone. Canadian miner Alamos Gold Inc. reports that a group of armed robbers intercepted gold dore bars on the runway at its Mulatos mine site in Mexico. The Mulatos mine is an open pit gold mine located in Sonora about 200km east of Hermosillo city. Five heavily armed robbers subdued security guards who were loading the bars for transport on a plane.
No one was hurt. The take is 2,600 ounces of dore bars, which are around 80% gold. That would make the heist worth a cool $3.2m.

A mine owned by Mineria Penmont, a subsidiary of Fresnillo, was robbed a few weeks ago. Armored trucks transporting ingots were attacked and robbed by armed men in Caborca, Sonora.
It was not the first highway robbery of precious metals mined by Penmont, 47 doré bars, 722 kgs, were stolen in November.