Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mobsters, killers, rapists, thieves seek prison release due to Covid-19

R. Kelly has asked to be released from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of inmates are pushing to get out from behind bars, citing the coronavirus. Killers, drug traffickers, gang members to mobsters, fraudsters and accused rapists are making a bid to get out of the clink.

Lawyers are rushing forward with long lists of medical ailments of their clients.
Former state Senate Majority Leader, Dean Skelos 72, is serving four years on public corruption charges.

'The Proud Peacock' Syrian-born arms dealer Monzer Al Kassar sold weapons to terrorists. He wants a compassionate release.
Former EMT Frantz Petion allegedly raped a 10-year-old Queens girl in her bedroom in 2018.Juan Angel Napout is a Paraguayan FIFA official busted on federal racketeering charges in a soccer bribery scandal.
Michael “Baldy Mike” Spinelli was the Lucchese mobster who was the getaway driver for a failed assassination attempt on a Brooklyn mom of three in her driveway. Convicted in 1998, Spinelli was sentenced to 25 years.

Vincent Asaro, the 85-year-old who beat the rap in the infamous 1978 Lufthansa case.

Gambino soldier John Matera conspired to whack a government witness in 1998. He is suffering from COVID-19