Sunday, April 5, 2020

Latin Kings - Michael Cecchetelli

64 people were charged in Dec as part of a massive investigation specifically intended to dismantle the Latin Kings' East Coast leadership. Michael Cecchetelli, aka 'King Merlin,' of Springfield, is among those charged. Cecchetelli has the title of Supreme East Coast Regional Overseer. Despite his Italian heritage, Cecchetelli, 40, has risen to the upper echelons of the gang. Known as 'King Casper' he is already facing a murder count.

The Latin Kings are the oldest and the largest predominantly Latino gang in the US.
John “Junior” Gotti, 56, is under investigation for his meetings with Cecchetelli. The meetings involved blood ties with Gotti, Cecchetelli and David “Fat Chicky” Cecchetelli. 'Fat Chicky' is a longtime Genovese family soldier. According to the FBI "The Latin Kings have evolved from a traditional street gang to a large-scale criminal enterprise superimposed with Mafia style rule." That means robbery, assault and murder. Among the many charges Cecchetelli is facing is trying to kill two fellow gang members in bad standing who disrespected his leadership.