Thursday, November 19, 2020

Gangster moll recruited kids for drug lines

Naliah Noreen, 23, and her two brothers ran five drug lines in the UK which made or fielded 54,000 calls over a four month period and had up to 1,200 customers. The mother of one forced a 15-year-old boy into becoming a 'runner' after telling him he owed the gang money. He was driven around so he could make door-to-door deliveries of heroin and cocaine. Noreen admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin plus money laundering.
Her brothers Asad Ali, 19 and Ratib Ali, 20, and their housemate Janaid Rehman, 18 were jailed at earlier hearings. Her boyfriend Mohammed Abu Khan, 28, is serving 90 months in jail.
Noreen is described as arrogant, with a caustic attitude. During an interview she told cops: "Better get me the fuck out of here or I'm going to kick off." Her lawyer said: "Her conduct was born out of personal circumstances and she was very much under direction of her boyfriend at the time. Cops seized 13 kilos of Class A drugs and more than £100k in cash. Noreen was sentenced to five years in jail.