Wednesday, November 18, 2020

‘Tony Meatballs’ among 15 mobsters nailed in Philadelphia

Wiseguy boss Anthony 'Tony Meatballs' Gifoli, 72, was named in a grand jury indictment along with others including underboss Steven 'Stevie' Mazzone and capo Domenic 'Mr. Hopkins' Grande. More than a dirty dozen South Philly mobsters are charged. They are accused of everything from illegal sports betting to heroin peddling to loan sharking.

Mobsters targeted include Louis 'Louie Sheep' Barretta, Joseph 'Joey Electric' Servidio and Daniel 'Harry' Castelli.
The crime syndicate was working from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. The feds laid out the Mafia hierarchy in court documents, as well as offered definitions for key mob terms.

Philadelphia and its surrounding area has been continuously under siege from the same Mafia family since 1931. The seven-count indictment against the men includes charges of racketeering conspiracy, extortion, illegal gambling and narcotics distribution.
'Joey Electric' boasted of many rackets, ranging from drug-dealing and bank fraud to armored-car heists.Joseph Servidio wasn't shy when talking about who he was and where his money came from. “I’m a criminal,” the Philadelphia mob soldier told an associate in 2017. “Everything I do is criminal.” Later, he boasted: “There’s nothing better than making money. I make money every day, illegally.”

Those thoughts where caught on FBI wiretaps and landed Servidio 15 years in the big house. Servidio pleaded guilty to charges of peddling pills laced with heroin and fentanyl in Atlantic City.
Servidio confessed based in part on how thoroughly the wire recordings torpedoded him.