Saturday, December 12, 2020

30 years in prison for drug dealing dog fighter

Damiane Buehrer, 43, went to prison twice for running dog-fighting operations in southern Michigan. He is now facing 30 years for the overdose death of an Afghanistan war veteran, whose charred remains were found inside the trunk of a burned-out car. Buehrer provided the victim with a fatal dose of carfentanil, and then burned the body in an effort to destroy evidence. The remains of Tyler Herendeen, 30, were identified through dental records. Even after causing Herendeen’s death and incinerating the body, Buehrer kept dealing drugs.

Herendeen, as a result of his combat service in Afghanistan, suffered from PTSD. Despite his heroin addiction, he “was deeply loved by family and friends who never lost hope." The judge sentenced Damiane Buehrer to 30 years.