Monday, December 14, 2020

USCG bust Low Profile Vessel with 2,810kg of cocaine

Operating in the Eastern Pacific the USS Gabrielle Giffords intercepted a low-profile vessel (LPV) containing 2,810kg (4,806 lbs) of cocaine. The value of the cargo is over $100m. The LPV is a common design and 19 of the craft have been busted since 2017. It was built from roughly crafted fiberglass and is powered by three Yamaha Enduro 2-stroke outboard motors. A crew of 3 are crammed into a tiny cockpit at the extreme rear of the craft. Beneath the deck is a cargo hold and living space. The crew sleep on the bales of cocaine. At either side and at the front are fuel tanks. The interior is claustrophobic, yet there is no problem recruiting crew.
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