Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Diamond Secure - next encrypted phone service for gangsters? - Update

Pavlina Petrova is the face of ZARAconsult. (p.petrova@zaraconsult.com). A review: "one of the governors was associated with the Bulgarian mafia. His nickname is "George the Black" and his name is Georgi Vladimirov. This company works with the political mafia in Bulgaria. They are unscrupulous!" In 2018 Vladimirov was, according to twitter, deeply involved in crypto currency. See --> HERE
A recent report from Australia says the Hells Angels there are touting a new encrypted device called Diamond Secure for their drug operations. The bare bones site (which is a blog on Wordpress) promises ... "The device has multiple security layers that secure all communication channels against man-in-the-middle attacks."

https://www.zaraconsult.com/ appears frequently in searches. office@zaraconsult.com
Address is Moskovska street 21B, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgaria is referred to as the EU’s mafia state. 80% of Bulgarians see corruption as widespread.

After minimal digging, its appearing http://a-sharp.eu/ A# (A-Sharp) is the computer outfit at that address. They tout their expertise in 'mobile' software and almost certainly are the dudes behind the operation. It appears another Wordpress blog as it uses various wordpress 'plug-ins'.
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