Saturday, June 5, 2021

Face tat gangster a con man, drug dealer

Poutawa 'Puk' Kireka High-profile Mongrel Mob member Poutawa 'Puk' Kireka, 33, had $109k in cash days before he began receiving donations through a webpage to "turn his life around". The gangster gained worldwide attention in 2020 after stating he was finding it difficult to find a job with “Notorious" tattooed across his dopey face. His web page plea was so that he could “pursue a better education resulting in a job”.
It raised around $1300 before being shuttered. Cops raided Kireka’s home and uncovered Mongrel Mob gear, including Kireka’s vice president patch, along with $109,766.30, 10.44 grams of meth and 0.698g of ecstasy.