Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Narco subs now built for long haul

Narco subs, purpose built for smuggling cocaine, have been evolving since they first appeared fifteen years ago. Narco-subs are described as low-tech, uncomfortable and hazardous, earning them the nickname water coffins. Rarely true submarines, narco-submarines are usually semisubmersibles that float mostly below the waterline. A super-sized narco submarine was found in the Colombian jungle in late 2020. Colombian cops said it was about 100 feet long, 10 feet across and able to carry 6-8 tons of dope.
In a bay in Aldan, Spain in 2020 cops watched three men clamber from the hatch of a vessel barely breaking the surface. The 66-foot craft sank as the men swam ashore, where officers nabbed two of them. Cops struggled for two days to tow their waterlogged prize to port, where they found 3 metric tons of cocaine, worth some $100 million. For the first time, the world saw a trans-Atlantic narco-submarine.
The 152 bales of cocaine cargo moved some 4,000 miles from Brazil.
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