Saturday, August 7, 2021

3rd time the charm for Raymond “Ray Ray” Foakes?

A week before his 58th birthday, HA Raymond “Ray Ray” Foakes is trying again to free himself from jail. He faces charges of maiming, assault, witness intimidation and racketeering. He's trying to get a federal judge to reconsider a 2018 court order that keeps him caged until he’s convicted or acquitted. Its been 3 years of dead time.
Foakes' long criminal past includes violations on pretrial releases in other cases, multiple felony convictions with violence, and uncharged allegations that he started the River Run Riot in Laughlin, Nevada. Foakes was one of 11 HA charged in 2017 with various crimes. His brothers are accused of murdering a fellow club member and the disappearance of two others, but Foakes himself isn’t charged with homicide.
Foakes is a former president of the Hells Angels’ Sonoma chapter.
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