Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Hitman/rat reveals Mafia war

Vittorio (Victor) Mirachi
The informant testified earlier that he shot brothers Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto. He also admits killing Rocco Sollecito. Orders came from leaders within the Calabrian side of the Montreal Mafia. They sought to eliminate the Sicilians. Salvatore and Andrea Scoppa, (dead) and Vittorio Mirachi were the leaders of the Calabrian side. Mirachi pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to kill Salvatore Montagna with Raynald Desjardins.
In text messages, the hit man claimed to have information of the deaths of Vincenzo Spagnolo and Lorenzo Giordano, as well as plots to kill Francesco Del Balso. All are with the Sicilian side. The unnamed rat has a problem with the Hells Angels ... “I also wanted to have some Hells Angels arrested and to (let the SQ know) there was a big mole in their building. I don’t know who the big mole was, but there was a big mole."
“The Sicilians are with the Hells Angels. The Calabrians and the Sicilians are at peace now. There doesn't seem to be a war. Are there any remaining conflicts that will need to be resolved? Perhaps. But there is nothing that tells us that,” explains Chief Inspector Benoit DubĂ©.
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