Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Decade long Hells Angels money laundering case goes forward

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Quebec Court of Appeal was wrong when it quashed the convictions of four people for laundering money for the Quebec Hells Angels.
The case against Richard Felx, 64, and 3 others dates to 2009. They were arrested in 'Operation Diligence' along with HA Normand 'Casper' Ouimet, 52, and Martin Robert, 47. In 2016 all four were found guilty of money laundering, conspiracy and gangsterism. Felx created trusts and an offshore company in Mauritius and laundered dirty money for a 10% fee.
The matter was referred back to the Quebec appeal court.
In Sept 2020, the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled 7 years was too long and that the only remedy was a stay of proceedings. The Supreme Court ruled the judge “was right to dismiss the motions for a stay of proceedings.” “The evidence in the record shows that the (accused) directly caused most of the delays of which they complain and that they attempted to derail the trial by filing multiple applications, motions and interlocutory appeals, which were unsuccessful for the most part. These delays are largely but not exclusively attributable to the defence and must be subtracted from the total delay,” the court wrote.
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