Saturday, July 2, 2022

Drug kingpin Chung Chak Lee

Chung Chak Lee, 66, faced a short hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in June after being extradited from Thailand. The British-Chinese national has been accused of being a key player in the 'The Company' or 'Sam Gor' cartel. Up to 70% of drugs in Australia are linked to the cartel. Lee is second only to Chinese-born Canadian national Tse Chi Lop, known as Asia's El Chapo. Lee was arrested in Bangkok in Oct 2020 and spent 18 months in a Thai prison before he was extradited. Australian cops spent a decade hunting for Lee - working with authorities from up to 20 nations to eventually capture him. He was sixth on Australia's most wanted list. Cops say Lee worked under the direction Tse Chi Lop.
On June 7 the Dutch Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by Tse Chi Lop against his extradition to Australia.
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