Sunday, July 3, 2022

Tracking Britney Lewis associates

Britney Lewis is the sole person busted, so far, in the hit on Bernard Cherfan.

Jay Alexander 'NHS Jay Jay'
In 2020, Brittney Lewis, 23, Devante Long, 25, Nikeita Forbes, 28, and Jay Alexander, 19, faced 42 gun and drug charges. Jay Alexander 'NHS Jay Jay' was killed in 2021 in a drug related hit. In 2017 Nikeita Forbes faced attempted murder and robbery with a firearm charges after trying and failing to rob a jewelry store in 2014 with Katrina Vanderwyk.
Devante Long, 28, is wanted by Toronto police for assault and theft. A man assaulted a woman and stole her car. Long is wanted for assault, failing to comply with a release order and theft of a motor vehicle. He has a history of drug arrests.