Monday, July 4, 2022

Mongrel Mobster Fairlane Wiringi

He was on parole from an earlier prison sentence at the time of the violent robbery.
Tears ran down Mongrel Mobster Fairlane Wiringi's cheeks as he briefly held his baby boy. He then began a 5 year sentence for aggravated robbery. The judge noted "You were born into the gang. Your dad is the president of the local chapter of the Mongrel Mob. You were surrounded by violence, drugs, and alcohol. Both parents spent long lags in prison and you spent long periods in care.

Christchurch Mob boss Junior Wiringi.
"You have got something to live for on the outside. Make sure you don't go back." Father Junior Wiringi offered other advice. "No more crack, son. No more crack," It seems hopeless. Fairlane Wiringi flashed gang signs before entering and leaving court.

Fairlane Wiringi was shot twice in 2021 in a failed hit.