Thursday, September 15, 2022

Failed hitman declares ‘I’m not a rat’ from federal witness stand

Defense lawyers were not impressed with the hitman's claim that he wanted to work with children on his release from prison. 'Do you plan to kidnap those children? Are you going to help them with their homework, sir? Are you going to teach them what homework is, sir?'
Ron Cabey is testifying as part of a cooperation agreement with the feds in the murder-for-hire plot against Anthony Zottola. “I’m not a rat,” Cabey, 32, said. “I’m a cooperator.”

Cabey testified that he had been paid $10k by a leader of the Bloods gang, Bushawn Shelton. Cabey told jurors how he tried – and failed – at least six times to rub out Mafia-associate Sylvester “Sally Daz” Zottola, 71, and his other son, Salvatore, 45. Anthony, 44, is on trial with two co-defendants, Alfred Lopez and Himen Ross, who were allegedly hired by the Bloods to whack Sylvester at a Bronx McDonald’s drive thru in 2018. The court spent considerable time hearing Cabey's encylopedic criminal record.

Anthony Zottola is on trial for the hit on his father.
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