Thursday, October 27, 2022

HA prospect Steven Collard goes away for 42 months

HA prospect Steven Collard pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, drug trafficking and unlawful acts at the direction of a criminal organization. He has been detained since his arrest on May 13, 2021, so Collard has another 15 months in prison. His brother, Marc Dubois, also pleaded guilty. He will be sentenced February 23, 2023. Three others, Vincent Douillard, Patrick Ross and Pierre-Benoit Desjardins, also entered guilty pleas.

Marc Dubois
It was a 3 month community sentence for prospect Steven Collard in Jan 2021. Collard, accompanied by HA Clermont Carrier, struck the victim with a bottle in the face, inflicting injuries. Collard told a civilian undercover agent that wearing colours gave him a sense of power and respect.