Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Nowakowski sues the basterds

Paula Nowakowski is suing the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch because it was denied a liquor license over her ties to organized crime. She is the wife of Mark Nowakowski, former president of the defunct Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club, which was a puppet club of the Saskatoon Hells Angels. Mark Nowakowski is on the lease for the Kelowna restaurant, but Paula Nowakowski said in the lawsuit that lease that was signed "a week or two" prior to the couple separating.

The lawsuit argues Mark Nowakowski is reformed and has not been involved in criminal activity 'for the past four or five years.' The lawsuit relies on “procedural fairness” as the cornerstone of the case.
Nowakowski was busted in 2015 as part of Project Forseti. Cops nailed 14 and seized massive amounts of drugs and guns. Nowakowski bought 15 months.
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