Monday, November 21, 2022

Luc-Manuel Thibodeau drug shack for sale

In Feb 2019, the Sûreté du Québec busted a drug network linked to the Hells Angels. About thirty were arrested as part of Operation Oursin, including Luc-Manuel Thibodeau, 48. He was fingered by cops as a supplier to the network run by the Blanchette twins, including Éric Blanchette, a prospect for the HA New Brunswick chapter. In November 2021, Thibodeau pleaded guilty to possession of property obtained by crime and received a suspended prison sentence. His luxurious property in Shawinigan is up for sale. The 28-room residence is offered for $2.75m.
The home is in the name of Thibodeau's spouse, Sandra Charron Bundock.
Bundock is the daughter of HA Alain Charron, who was sentenced to five years in 2018 for conspiring to import 15 tons of hash. The couple run a management company whose 'head office' is in the home.

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