Saturday, November 12, 2022

Mongols, Outlaws clash in Chicago

On Nov. 6, four Outlaws and a member of the Mongol Nation MC were shot at a bar where the Mongols were celebrating a birthday. As many as 20 Outlaws walked into the bar at 5147 S. Archer Ave. looking for payback for a shooting last year, during a brawl with the Mongols in Berwyn. Most of the bikers who were shot Nov. 6 weren’t seriously injured, but an Outlaws member was left in critical condition after being shot in the chest. Bikers haven’t cooperated with cops and there are no arrests. Based in California, Mongols arrived in Chicago in the past few years, antagonizing Outlaws, who consider the city their turf.
Before the 2021 shooting in Berwyn, the Mongols paraded their motorcycles around the Outlaws’ South Side fortress in an act of provocation. The Outlaws and Mongols shared dislike for the Hells Angels helped them form a loose alliance at times. That is over in Chicago and cops expect more conflict. Though Mongols have been wearing their colours in Chicago, they apparently haven’t established a clubhouse in the city.