Thursday, November 10, 2022

Ontario man Mikhail Vasiliev nailed for LockBit ransomware

Mikhail Vasiliev, 33, dual Russian and Canadian, has been arrested for the LockBit ransomware scam. Cops seized 8 computers, 32 external hard drives, and €400k in crypto. The DoJ unsealed a criminal complaint filed in the District of New Jersey charging Vasiliev with participating in LockBit’s attacks.

"LockBit has been deployed against at least as many as 1,000 victims in the United States and around the world. LockBit members have made at least $100m in ransom demands and have extracted tens of millions of dollars in ransom payments from victims." The FBI has been investigating the LockBit conspiracy since March 2020.
When cops raided Mikhail Vasiliev’s home, 60 km north of Toronto, on Oct. 26, they found him sitting in the garage at a table with an open laptop. Police restrained him before he could lock the device. On the open laptop, police found a browser window with open tabs including one titled “LockBit LOGIN,” at a site hosted on a dark web domain. Vasiliev appeared in court in Barrie Thursday on the US extradition request, a hearing was adjourned for next week.
Vasiliev is the mastermind behind LockBit, a notorious extortion tool.