Sunday, December 4, 2022

Kevin Tate denied parole - Gaétan Gosselin

Kevin Tate, Stanley Minuty, Edrick Antoine and Olivier Gay.
Tate, 39, was part of a group of the reds, Unit 44, from the Bo-gars. They watched Gaetan Gosselin for two days before killing him in front of his home. Gaétan Gosselin was Raynald Desjardins' best friend; Gosselin took care of his business and family after his arrest for the murder of Salvatore Montagna on Dec 21, 2011.
In Sept 2022, cops from the Sûreté du Québec met with the detainees, including Tate, to tell them that there were contracts on their heads. Another gang conflict may be responsible but all expect Raynald Desjardins to take his bloody gangland revenge. That surely applies to these four. The parole board wasn't impressed with Tate; “Your Case Management Team (CMT) believes that you pose a real threat to others. You present a low potential for social reintegration and an unacceptable risk to society." As for the boss, Desjardins will be out soon as another statutory date passes.

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