Wednesday, February 22, 2023

8 busted in Quebec drug probe tied to HA Serge Lebrasseur

Eight people were arrested as part of a drug trafficking investigation that involved search warrants carried out two years ago at the home of full patch Serge Lebrasseur. Searches led to the seizure of more than $200k in cash, various drugs, and firearms. Lebrasseur was in the news for buying a total of 5 months in prison after intimidated a security guard near the parking lot of the Sorel-Tracy–Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola ferry in June 2019. He was released on conditions, including "not to refer directly or indirectly to the victim on any social media whatsoever".

“It will be settled ah, ah, ah. I found the one who blocked me on the Sorel-Tracy ferry ha, ha, ha”.
He and his biker friends thought his subsequent facebook post was hilarious. The judge wasn't impressed and added 30 days.

Lebrasseur testified he did nothing wrong. The judge found his testimony not credible or reliable.
Lebrasseur, 59, had a problem waiting in line with peons for a ferry. Wearing his colours, Lebrasseur initiated a heated debate with a security guard directing traffic. He hammered the hood of a van and screamed that he would pick up the guard in a dark corner. Lebrasseur then cut into line, bypassing others. He verbally attacked the employee there who refused to let him.