Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Romanian mafia boss Mihai Alexandru Preda busted

Mihai Alexandru Preda is a leader in the Romanian mafia and 'Riviera Maya Gang' which has been operating a card skimming scam in Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen since 2016. Gangsters installed over 100 card-cloning devices in ATMs, from which almost $4m was stolen. The gang changed the card slots and keyboards of the ATMs to obtain information from bank cards, cloned them, and withdrew money from bank accounts. Skimming devices allowed thieves to withdraw funds from ATMs in other countries halfway around the world.
Preda was arrested in July 2022 while living in Poland.
Leader of the Riviera Maya organization and principal owner of Intacash, is Florian 'The Shark' Tudor, a Romanian with permanent residence in Mexico. Tudor claims he’s a legitimate businessman who’s been harassed and robbed by Mexican authorities.

In 2018 Preda and his gang were busted at a Fond du Lac Wisconsin ATM. A witness saw the two repeatedly using an ATM, and acting nervously. He called police, who arrived shortly afterwards. Cops found 137 forged or cloned credit cards and $7,500 in cash. Preda pleaded guilty to three counts of wire fraud of a financial institution, and three counts of theft from a financial institution. Another 40 counts were dismissed.