Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Fentanyl dealer Dana Nazarek buys 12 years - "denunciation and deterrence"

In 2021 fentanyl dealer Dana Nazarek failed to show for the last day of his trial on drug and gun charges — he cut off his monitoring bracelet and bolted. He was convicted on six counts of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking and illegal possession of four guns. 13 months later he was arrested by two Vancouver cops who saw a fight between a male and a female in a Walmart parking lot. Nazarek gave them a false name and ID, but the fool also carried a bank card in his real name and he was busted. The judge said the principles of denunciation and deterrence are “paramount in sentencing individuals for trafficking in fentanyl and carfentanil.”
While acknowledging that Nazarek was a drug addict with a history of childhood abuse, that was mitigated by his decision to abscond.
Nazarek was motivated by profit and his “toxic combination” of drugs and guns posed a threat to public safety. Nazarek's claim he dealt drugs to provide for his family was rejected as bullshit.