Wednesday, May 17, 2023

NBA player Ja Morant warned for playing the gangster - update

Ja Morant is owning up to his stupidity and vows to do better, again. "I know I’ve disappointed a lot of people who have supported me," Morant said in a statement. "This is a journey and I recognize there is more work to do. My words may not mean much right now, but I take full accountability for my actions. I’m committed to continuing to work on myself."

Assisting with that difficult task, most expect a very significant suspension from the NBA for the two time offender. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he was "shocked" to see the Memphis Grizzlies star again flashing a firearm on social media.
Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant is under fire after flashing a gun on social media, again. Bricc Baby, a rapper and Crips member, isn't impressed. Morant, 23, has a tendancy to throw up Crip gang signs after scoring. The rapper says the Grizzlies guard should stop pretending. "He ain't fucking with the gangland like that," Bricc Baby said. "You throwing them 'Ns' up, that's gonna cost you. ... What you wanna do, pay the crips for the rest of your life?" Morant earned an 8 game suspension from the NBA the first time he waved a gun around on social media in March. The man with a 5 year, $194,300,000 contract didn't learn anything.

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green IS apparently gang affiliated. Bricc Baby said Green gets a "pass" to throw up gang signs.