Saturday, May 20, 2023

Mo Dollars has left the building

Mohamed Khan, 'Mo Dollars', is a South African money launderer who gained notoriety after being exposed in Al Jazeera’s documentary 'Gold Mafia'. Mo Dollars owns PKSA and SALT Asset Management, which are financial services firms that help crooks like Simon Rudland launder huge sums of money through fake invoices and stolen identities.
South Africa has launched an investigation into the gold smuggling and money laundering scheme exposed by Al Jazeera. South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa said an investigation was in the “inquiry stage”. Who tops that list? Mo Dollars has reportedly left South Africa. Recent reports suggest that Mo Dollars has fled to Dubai, leaving many questions behind. He may be wanted by the FBI. The House of Lords in the United Kingdom asked for a similar investigation into members of the Gold Mafia by UK authorities.
Three of the men featured in the investigation – Uebert Angel, Rikki Doolan, and Kamlesh Pattni – have British citizenship.
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