Saturday, June 10, 2023

1,000 pounds of cocaine found on Bolivian flag airliner

In February, Spanish cops landed just over 1,000 pounds of cocaine on a commercial flight at Madrid–Barajas Airport. During the investigation, members of Bolivia’s owned-state airline and other government agencies colluded with drug traffickers. This week, the Bolivian government acknowledged drug cartel infiltration of the state’s airline. There were multiple attempts to obstruct the police investigation after the drugs were discovered in Madrid. A request for surveillance photos from when the plane was loaded led to the discovery that all photos were deleted. Eventually, images were found showing two BoA cargo handlers breaking the seal on a shipping container and adding the 12 boxes of cocaine. Corruption extended to the highest levels.
The cargo handlers, the shipping company’s owner, and the cop in charge of airport security have been arrested, with President Arce stating that there will be more arrests.