Friday, June 9, 2023

Walt Nauta indictment a warning to TrumpWorld

The DoJ has indicted Trump's 'coke aide' Walt Nauta. When Trump pressed a button on his Presidential desk, it would be Nauta rushing to keep him supplied with diet coke. One of the jobs of Trump’s gofer was to move cardboard boxes. Nauta was a key player in continously moving boxes to keep them from being seized by feds. Apparently he lied to investigators, sealing his fate. Nauta is swiftly finding out he is a criminal. Trump staffers at Mar-a-Lago even rehearsed the moving of boxes, and leader was Walt Nauta.
Nauta was busy. Trump stored boxes of classified documents in various locations at Mar-a-Lago, including an office space, his bedroom, a storage room, a bathroom, a ballroom and even in the shower. By going after the lowest, ALL in Trump's orbit will feel the heat. Trump meanwhile is facing a whooping 37 felony charges, many of which call for jail time on conviction.