Thursday, August 24, 2023

HA Robert Barletta ensnared in dueling lawsuits - update

Montreal cops are trying to figure out who torched the house of notorious HA Rob Barletta. Barletta’s upscale home north of Montreal was gutted by fire. Firefighters were called to the suspicious blaze that broke out at 4:15 a.m. at a home on Boulevard du Grand Héron in Saint-Jérôme. Robert Barletta, 53, was renting the home. It was raided on June 6 by cops as part of an investigation into drug trafficking by Montreal Hells Angels. Barletta is said to be part of a group of Montreal HA feuding with another organized crime group over control of sports books in Quebec.
Another house on the same street was targeted in a suspected arson earlier this week. Three Ontario homes formerly owned by Barletta were destroyed by fires. They were among the $40m in assets seized as part of Operation Hobart.

HA Robert Barletta and two cronies, all of whom were charged in a crackdown on illegal sports betting, are embroiled in a multi-million dollar lawsuit over a botched luxury development. Naturally there are multiple unsolved arsons. Barletta was the ringleader of the gambling operation that cops say took in $160m over six years. Barletta, Douglas Adams, and Michael Curtis were all charged in Operation Hobart, a two-year investigation of illegal gambling that flopped miserably.

A multi-million dollar home burns west of Thornbury.
They all walked. $40m in assets seized as part of Operation Hobart stand to be seized as proceeds of crime. A Lake Drive property is one of seven bought in Barletta’s name or by him, using AMG 2016 Family Trust, held by a Toronto law firm.
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