Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Giuseppe Lopez whacked in Dominican Republic

Giuseppe (Joe) Lopez, 59 was murdered while driving a motorcycle near a home his family owns in Juan Dolio in the Dominican Republic. He had close ties to the Montreal Mafia and was known for his involvement in the wholesale cocaine trade. He and his twin brother Franco, and their brother Pasquale, 50, were accused in a major cocaine trafficking ring linked to the Hells Angels during the Magot-Mastiff bust in 2015. 43 were busted in all.
In communications intercepted by cops, the brothers were referred to as Espresso, Cappuccino and Caffe Latte.
The three Lopez brothers escaped unscathed in the fall of 2019 following a stay of legal proceedings due to unreasonable delay. Giuseppe Lopez was staying in the Dominican Republic with his uncle, Serafino Oliverio, 'Sergio Lopez'. He survived a shooting in Montreal two years ago. The residence owned by the Lopez-Oliverio clan, located about 60km east of the capital Santo Domingo, is usually protected by armed security guards. Oliverio was an associate of former crime boss Vito Rizzuto, and was considered by cops the head of an organized-crime clan.
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