Friday, October 20, 2023

Former Las Vegas cop sentenced in 3 casino heists = 12 years

Caleb M. Rogers, 35, was caged 12 years for robbing 3 casinos, brandishing a department-issued gun during one of the heists. Rogers was a cop with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department when he robbed the Red Rock, Aliante and Rio casinos between November 2021 and February 2022, each time wearing black latex gloves, dark clothing and a mask. Rogers was low on funds because of his gambling addiction. When Rogers left after his first heist, security cameras captured a telling detail: he kicked his left foot out while walking. Several weeks later another robbery's security footage revealed the same unusual walk. The next month things went sour. Rogers “climbed over the counter, grabbed one of the women by her shoulders with both hands and shoved her to the floor.” After other employee set off an alarm, Rogers bolted but was tackled by security.
Rogers has been on unpaid suspension and in jail since his arrest Feb. 27, 2022.